"I know that geothermal is what I recommend to all those I know that are looking either to replace an existing system, or are building new homes. Keep up the great work and...
Geo-thermal has saved and will continue to save us money.
System operates as promised. Very please with the efficiency of the unit.
I am truly amazed and grateful for our system. There is NO noise like the conventional systems. The heat and cooling are so completely even you can be in shorts all year and be...
Love the Geo-thermal system. Frank's team of employees are smart, quick to respond, and very nice! They also stay on top of any questions or concerns post installation.
After investigating options for heating and cooling, I am very pleased with the Geo-thermal system.
We're very happy with the system. The house is very comfortable both in the winter and summer. It's very quiet and easy to maintain . It is less expensive to operate then the...
Excellent workmanship done in a timely manner. Contractor very knowledgeable in the field of Geo-thermal.
Outstanding technology, outstanding service. Continental Services was a dream HVAC contractor. Always showed up when scheduled. Always returned phone calls, very professional...
Works great. Very quiet, less expensive to heat and cool. Previously had heat pump A/C & oil heat.
Heating and Cooling is Great! Average monthly bill $180.00...Low maintenance
We Love our Geo-thermal system and have no regrets replacing our old heating system.
The system has worked well, significantly reducing my electric bill both in summer and winter.
Love it! Love not paying for oil...Services is Excellent
Great system, quiet,fast recovery; winter electric bills vary from $89.00 to $99.00 Summer electric bills vary from $70.00 to $95.00 House temperature is maintained at set...
Geo-Thermal Systems are the Best! We've saved a lot. I strongly recommend it. The system saves energy and money. More people should get it.
Exceptional system! When first installed we estimated we would recoup our funds within about 7 years. However with the rise in electricity prices we have already made up for...
Absolutely wonderful, easy to use, quiet and very energy efficient.
I'm happy with the Geo-thermal system's performance. My heating bill is a fraction of what it was.
We have been very happy with the Geo-thermal system and highly recommend the system.
I an very pleased with the radiant floor heat using a waterfurnace geo-thermal unit. It is very economical. My electric bill for a 1600 sq. ft. house for the coldest months (...
Company was very professional and responsible. System is very quiet - works well.
We are very pleased with the operation and performance of our Geo-Thermal unit. Best choice we could have made when replacing our old system.